Sales Process Engineering

Design better ways of selling, making sales people’s efforts more productive, through systematic application of scientific and mathematical principles, to achieve the practical goals of a particular sales process

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Leverage Managed Sales Process Engineering for Improved efficiency

"More than just Delegation or Outsourcing"

Managed SPE is specifically designed to help you transition to a new, more productive sales methodology void of friction. Vistride Managed SPE team assists your teams to automate sales-marketing operations, and processes through a solution-oriented approach, enabling them to focus on their key business priorities.


Vistride analyzes your technology stack, and comes up with changes, and suggestions to boost efficiency and gear up for automation strategies. Vistride has a handful of curated opensource tech-stack customized for Sales-markeing automation and Robotics Process Automation.


Vistride then sets up methodologies, accelerating your sales pipeline through carefully thought off, and crafted strategies. This is based on different marketing campaigns like email, telemarketing etc.

Human Resources

MSPE Stride Consultants, goes an extra mile to ensure your new Strategic Sales Process and Technology stack has the best human resources with best fit talents.

Managed SPE, B2B Value Proposition and Rationale

Reasons for having a well-thought-out sales process include seller and buyer risk management, standardized customer interaction during sales, and scalable revenue generation. Approaching the subject from a “process” point of view offers an opportunity to use design and improvement tools from other disciplines and process-oriented industries

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Recruitment & Onboarding

Vistride helps you acquire and onboard fresh talent for your business. We carry  your responsibility of looking for best fit human resource, so that you can focus on the core.

Training & Coaching

Vistride MSPE consultants will hand-hold your team to get the momentum and flow needed for high conversion. We do prefatory training sessions, followed by frequent consultation/coaching session.

Project Management

Our MSPE Consultants can help you manage the project to ensure timely delivery and as well save on cost. Project management is recomment along our MSPE for smooth workflow.

Outsourcing Services

When it comes to business automation, finding the best company to delegate the non-core work, can be a challenge.  Vistride makes it a breeze due to our rich network.

Managed Projects

How can we help you with managed projects?

End-to-end: Stride Projects

Managed projects can either be collaborative or totally offloaded to our team—you choose. Our sole focus is success for agency partners who handoff or mutually drive their end-client projects alongside us, with tailor-fit and flexible options available at every turn.

Scrum Fluency

From Sprint Zero, creating backlogs, on to releases and deployment—we’ve done it over and over for major partners. Workflows are customized per requirements, since each process is idiosyncratic.

Seamless Hands-Off

We stay in sync with stakeholders, and our processes are constructed to ensure seamless integration. This helps ensure details aren't lost or overlooked during knowledge transfers.

Communication & Reporting

Beyond the comunication and operations software we use, our reporting and feedback cycles are partner-centric and open. Our goal is to establsh trust through transparency.

MSPE Stride Consultants

The Swiss Knife team, that hand holds your team, as you stride through the journey of optimizing your Sales-Marketing Process.

Hellen Osborn

CRM Master

A jack of all trades, in matters CRM and ERP. A master of CRM workflows and integrations

John Fishburn

Sales Marketing Executive

Sales-Marketing Automation guru with a set of skills and persion for sales funnel automation and “prospecting”

Irene Walker

Asterisk Engineer

The inhouse VOIP guru. When we want our voices heard, in whatever way!…. all things telecommunication and integration

Improve Productivity with MSPE

Put an end to missed sales opportunities through Smart Sales-marketing Strategies

Engineering a winning Sales Process has become a lot easier in the last decade or so, with the advent of CRM and sales automation tools. Vistride picks the best from the market for the best outcome. A winning plan includes the best technology, a good strategy and the best human resource to drive the engine.


Clearly outline your business goal. A clear definition of their problem should be established and what elements of your sales and marketing mix are crucial to the process of every prospect.


Establish the current baseline: the current sales cycle, as the basis for improvement. How many calls do you have to make in order to get from one step to the next? What is your closing ratio and size of your pipeline?


Determine the root cause of any defects; the reason why sales fall through and prospects head off to your competition. Identify the gaps between current performance and goal performance.


Implement strategies and innovative solution that will set you apart from your competition. Litmus-test solutions before committing to an investment and deploy improvements once results are visible.


Monitor improvements to maintain success into the future. Business documents, process and training should be updated and any new starters in your sales team should be educated on this new process from day one

MSPE Bottom Line

With full visibility into the inner workings of your business and customer base, your teams will have the unmissable cross and up-selling opportunities delivered directly to the device of your choice. All this through a self-funding proposition, since our MSPE consultant costs less than the average sales manager, while you get the whole team of specialists.

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More Leads

Put an end to missed sales opportunities in a stride

Leverage the best in emerging technologies, Smart Sales-marketing Strategies​ and top-notch talent.

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"Having build high-value, bottom line boosting relationships system, we have saved on sales and marketing cost with Vistride team spearheading operations and taking part in decision making"
Emma Pascal
Sales Coordinator


Automating a deterministic workflow makes total sense. Attempting to impose a deterministic workflow on a stochastic environment definitely does not!

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Locked-down but not Locked-out: End to end consultation sessions

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Engineering a winning Sales Process has become a lot easier recently due to the advent of CRM and sales automation tools. Find out how our Contact-Center-backed Managed Sales Process Engineering can change your workflow, reduce expenses and change your results.