Multiple Integrations for seamless workflow

 The Marketing Studio provides non-technical sales-marketers with an advanced set of tools to automate their organization’s relationship with contacts.

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Marketing Automation Features

Extendible and flexible Marketing Automation Package

Let your reps focus on prospecting instead of changing tools. Get all the premium marketing automation power built and integrated in one single system. The platform integrates with most common workflow tools like CRM, ERP, Zappier… Let your data flow across platforms in a secure, private and efficient way.​

Multichannel Capabilities

Sent emails, texts messages and more with highly configurable workflows. Meet your audience where it works best.


Gain in-depth insights into your audience. Track all actions of your users both on the website, in emails and other channels.


Based on traffic sources, activities and other defined characteristics, you can automatically segment your contacts.

Lead Capture & Nurturing

Capture and nurture leads until they are ready to meet the sales team. Mautic offers various mechanisms by which you can get to know your audience and communicate with it.

Drip Campaigns

Engage the audience depending on its interests. Send consecutive emails with triggers and decisions based on previous user actions.


Create custom forms just as you need them with our visual editor and collect data.

Content Personalisation

Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. With super-powered customisation tools you can create a custom message for everyone.


Easily slice and dice your data to achieve your goals. Build custom reports with intuitive UI. Keep track of the success of your activities

Lead Scoring

You can automatically qualify leads based on their activity. This allows your sales team to focus on the most valuable leads.

Automate the chore,
Focus on the core

Custom Automation Support

We are Mautic experts

Automation Studio is a Marketing Cloud application used to execute multi-step marketing and data management activities on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis. Use Automation Studio’s Campaign workflows to build simple or multi-step automations.

Vistride Opensource Advantage

Secure | Private | Opensource

The Marketing Studio leverages the power of opensource technologies for unmatched benefits.

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Supporting the world's largest Opensource Automation software

360-degree Automation

The Marketing Studio application executes multi-step
marketing and data management activities on an immediate,
triggered, or scheduled basis.