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Collaborate, work from anywhere as a team.
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Leverage Flexibility

Our working hours are flexible and depended on the shift. You choose if you are an early bird or an owl!

Career Growth

Leverage the team's synergy and level up your career with experience from different verticals.

     Be part of the eco-system that implements and deploys cutting-edge business automation solutions around the globe.

    Remote SDE

    The world of work has changed and so have our expectations. Flexibility is valued, effective and more important than ever. With the advent of Remote work, we started the Remote Sales Development Executive (SDE) Program.

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    Base Salary + Commission

    Sales Development Representatives earns commission on the sales they personally generate in addition to a base salary or hourly wage.

    Example: Vistride pays Sales Development Executive base salary of $X a year, plus a Y% commission on the individual sales each SDR generates.

    Tiered Commission Structure

    Sales Development Representative earn higher commission rates after closing a certain number of deals, or, surpassing a total amount of revenue.

    Example: A Sales Development Representative earns Y% on all products sold up to $X in total revenue generated. The SDE would begin to earn Z% on all revenue generated after surpassing the $X mark.

    Note: Terms and conditons based on experience, training needed and chosen program will determine Base Salary, sales targets and commission blocks. If you are a freelancer and would love to work with us, kindly fill the partner form here