Multiple Integrations

Define customized workflows that suites your unique needs. Experience the synergy brought by CRM integrations. Provide your data and customer story, the rest is a stride.

All-in-one CRM Systems

Improves internal collaboration inside organizations by combining most popular collaboration tools. We work across the spectrum of CRM platforms. Where to get it hosted is your choice…

CRM on premise

The self-hosted version of CRM to run on your server. You get full control over data, source code access, and additional tools, such as help desk and e-learning, as well as integration and customization options.

CRM On Cloud

You can also opt for the cloud hosted version of CRM to avoid the hustle of maintaining a server locally. Our hosting plans and services are custom made to ensure that you focus on the core while Vistride does the chore.

Use Case Examples

"Own CRM flavor, get custom integrations"

Vtiger is a CRM application, similar to Salesforce, MS Dynamics (CRM) and Netsuite (CRM). CRMs tend to fall into two categories: enterprise grade applications and salespeople’s productivity tools. Vtiger is definitely in the first category (as are the other applications above), because of its significant capability set and because of its extensibility.

SuiteCRM’s revolutionary hosted services ends per-user charging and lock-in for premium featuraes. Take back control & scale CRM throughout your business at massively reduced cost without fear of hidden charges. SuiteCRM can assist Users with productivity, offering a way to record, relate and assign Tasks and to-do items that require action.

Zoho Office Suite, contains word processing, spreadsheets, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, invoicing and other applications. Zoho CRM is a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities. Streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform. Checkout our Partners at Enable Solutions

Collaborate & Engage

Enables your customer-facing teams to work together in one application. This enables the team to collaborate and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Integrate with any CRM?

We understand and each one has a unique need

Companies must not only identify the best CRM, but must also employ effective change management aproach to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. Vistride CRM consultation, possesses eloquent experience implementing CRM solutions in number of industries around the world. 

Focus on perfomance improvement to help meet enterprise goals with efficiency

Intelligent Integrations

Automate | Visualize

At vistride Technologies, we provide you with the best Opensource CRM services, that seamlessly integrate and automate your business workflow.  Vistride is a proud contributor, resellers and support consultant in major CRM brands

Know where you stand in automation today

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