Voice Automation

"Analyzing voice from each call will enable call center agents to perform more effectively as well as give  supervisors additional insights to better support their teams".

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IP PBX based Dialer

Predictive | Adaptive| Power dialer

Leverage benefits of advanced communication features offered by the VoIP communication solution, with IP PBX solution. Vistride supports enterprise class, open source, contact center suite in use by many large call centers around the world. We also do voice automation through AI voice analysis for increased ROI.

Campaign Setup

Vistride designs, configures and customizes automated voice campaigns optimized for conversion through different blends of dialing servers.

Custom IVR Design

Interactive Voice Response  automates interaction with telephone callers to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls.

Dial Plan Programming

Dial Plan defines how Asterisk handles inbound and outbound calls. In a nutshell, it consists a list of instructions or steps that Asterisk will follow.

Voice Automation

Transform calls into actionable insights that lower costs of employee turnover and increase revenue through cross-sales and collections through Artificial Intelligence.

Have you considered Automating your Contact Center?

The future of call center analytics and automation

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Find out, how Vistride Contact Center  Services can automate your workflow to supercharge your sales team.

Dialer Benefits

The main benefits of IP PBX based dialer, are its web-phone capability, unified agent screen, customizable open-source system, and constant updates and upgrades. With 40+ features, your telephony needs are covered, with the main features below;

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Dial Modes

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The platform has a Unified Agent Screen that enables users to handle not just outbound and inbound calls but also inbound emails plus website chat. This can all be done in one screen under one dashboard. There is no need to switch apps and switch screens.

The dialer is fitted with a web-phone capability. With the software, there is no need for further configurations. With the use of WebRTC, things are made much easier for browser calls. This expedites the communications processes .

The platform is open source. Users can determine how the system works at the code level and can configure it to their liking. This means businesses can customize their use of the software specific to their requirements and processes, hence no vendor lock-in.

*Asterisk Solutions

Vistride implements Vicidial; a complete inbound and outbound call center based opensource application.
Vicidial is a suite of programs that are designed to interact with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system.

SMS Module

The SMS Template module integration allows you to create custom SMS templates and assign it to different campaigns. Now, agent only needs to click a button and an SMS will be sent to the lead.

Email Module

Send an email with the required details and attachments to the lead during or after a call with single click. The Email module provides the functionality to create custom email templates.

Survey Module

Engage your audience and get feedback from them through Survey module. It is integrated with VICIDial in such a way that it will be popped up during live call with multiple survey question options.

Soundboard Avatar Module

Leveragere prerecorded voice pieces from professionals for most common sales pitches and sentences. With this module we automate the pitching process so that sales rep can focus on core.

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WebRTC Solutions

Call through the browser

WebRTC is an open source framework which allows developing the communication solutions. This communication solution supports real-time communicating. Furthermore, it can be accessed using the web browser to enjoy real time communication from anywhere, at anytime

No dependency over platform

No dependency over platform

The Web RTC solution can be accessed using any device as the developed web solution will be responsive in nature. Moreover, this is a single solution which can be accessed from any platform. 

HD Quality Audio and Video

HD Quality Audio and Video

This solution can be used for internal team meetings as well as business communication with customers and prospects as the audio video quality is the hallmark of the offered WebRTC solution

Browser Peer to Peer calling

Browser Peer to Peer calling

No plug-ins or app installation will be required to use this system. Only a browser: keeping away softphones like eyebeam.

Supports cloud and server environment

Supports cloud and server environment

The WebRTC solution can be setup on your server as well as cloud space without compromising quality. It can be configured on any environment so you don’t need to switch to any other hosting environment to take benefit of this solution.

How dialing software works

No hardware, installation or IT support required. Log in and start dialing right away

Set up your campaign

Choose the phone number you want to be visible to your prospects.​ Configure other requirements specific to your campaign.

Upload contact list

Upload list with prospects names and numbers

Choose agents or IVR

Select which group of agents will handle the campaign, or set up an IVR to robocall.​


Your auto dialer will now keep connecting your agents or IVR to live prospects till your campaign is complete.

"If you want real telemarketing automation and sales funnels automation that works - Vistride team has got you covered. "Their Managed SPE package is the most valuable business resource we have EVER subscribed to"
Sarah McLain
Sales Manager